About Tangniya

Our Mission

We focus on making our clients stronger in their business. We make sure brand owners stay ahead of the curve, leading their market segments with the latest technology and products. Maintain our passion for innovative design of personal safety equipment.


We deliver practical, cost effective solutions for our client’s challenges. We constantly evaluate and develop manufacturing techniques to meet the latest product challenges.

About Us

With 30 years’ experience behind us, we are trusted by global brands and more importantly, their customers, to deliver perfect quality safety products again and again.

  • 30 Years’ Experience
  • Forged & Stamped Products
  • From Prototype to Finished Product
  • Experts in Customization
  • Steel Brass Zinc & Aluminum Products

Why Tangniya?

Stay ahead of the competition

Rapid Prototyping & Short Time to Market

We help you to move rapidly from prototype to finished product. We turn your great ideas into profitable product solutions, fabricating the scale models and moving them quickly into production.

Steel – Brass – Zinc – Aluminum

With our massive investment in the best manufacturing equipment, we have the capacity to deliver even large orders within 45-60 days. So whether you need mass production or small batch customization, we can handle it well for you.

Superior Product Quality

Quality Guaranteed Every Time

We know through years of experience that most important thing is the validation of your product reliability. We carry out 100% or batch testing of final products depending upon your needs.


A series of tests are conducted to ensure the stable quality for safety components, such as computer-controlled inspection, manual inspection, and error-proofing systems.


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