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  1. Snap Hooks

    Snap Hooks

    Hooks play an essential role in security management for work-at-height professionals. No matter whether for horizontal or vertical movements, Tangniya design and manufacture snap hooks that cater to the needs of our customers.

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  2. Snap Hooks

    D-rings/ Buckles/ Adjusters

    Lightweight can be regarded as fast and safe. Apart from sizes and shapes, equipment can be made of steel, brass, zinc and aluminum according to the applications.

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  3. Snap Hooks


    To meet the needs for different applications, such as technical climbing, or activities requiring higher workplace safety standards, Tangniya offers carabiners that come in various sizes, shapes and locking designs.

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  4. Snap Hooks

    Rope Grabs

    Rope grabs for vertical activities can be also found at Tangniya! We guarantee our quality rope grabs by conducting both computer-aided inspection and individual manual tests.

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  5. Snap Hooks

    Other Products (Swivels/ Pulleys/ Figure 8 Descenders)

    More customized products are at your disposal with our custom manufacturing service, including the samples below.

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